New York, NY




"I love what i do becasue I can be exactly what I want, fearlessly. I can express myself, make mistakes stumble and fall or fly and soar at the same time. It is true freedom to take the ideas and melodies in my imagination and make them real to share with the world. It's a magical space. I don't have to follow any rules. It's my world and my own creation.

"Bao Tranchi can be worn in way that matches your personal style. I can wear a sexy dress with heels or throw on a one of a kind body suit with jeans and feel like a bad ass! I can wear a Bao bra under a tank top or t-shirt and still feel like a vixen - or a secret super hero." 

"Bao Tranchi makes me feel like the hottest sexiest woman on the planet. That is the absolute truth! I never feel more confident than when I have on one of Bao's creations because I know I look my absolute best and I feel like a Goddess."  

"I literally have no choice but to feel like a banger when Im wearing Bao!  Trust me, you have no choice but to Slay once you are wearing anything that she makes. Yes ma'am. "


"Life is about taking hold of every moment and creating and living as much as we can. It's about creation and sharing our gifts with each other. It's also about not caring about what people are going to think - life is about doing you, boo! Seriously, how much happier would we all be if we wore what we really wanted to wear and said what we really wanted to say. It's time to let go of whatever it is we think we should be and become who we really are = dope as hell!" 

"Bao Tranchi represents freedom, sassy sexiness, and luxurious edginess. It allows you to become the fantasy version of yourself but in real life. Bao Tranchi represents that feminine power. That fire we all have inside of us."