Mariel Noir



Los Angeles, California






Creator and Co-Founder of "For Love Productions"

“I live to inspire. I am a firm believer that artists have an innate responsibility to raise awareness, ask questions and elevate the consciousness of the world we live in. My twin sister, Marita and I, started For Love Productions with the concept of conscious media. We wanted to serve and unite humanity through the art of filmmaking, give light to issues that would otherwise go unexamined and lend a voice to those who would otherwise go unheard.”

"Creating and producing impactful work is the ultimate high!  I have always loved to stir things up and be controversial by having the freedom to express myself and move people on a deeper level.  I want to affect people.  I want to  provoke them and essentially touch their hearts and souls. Knowing your work has moved a complete stranger is pretty powerful!"

"To me “owning your sexy” means being yourself, non-conforming, and basically giving zero fucks about who the world says you should be. I think self-love is the most powerful and silent revolution in today’s society. There is nothing more sexy than someone who is confident in their own skin and in who they are as a human being.” 

"When I want to incorporate Bao Tranchi into my wardrobe, I'll pair my bodysuits with a leather studded skirt and some sexy heels or more casually with a pair of jean shorts and boots. Wearing Bao Tranchi makes me feel worshipped, empowered, sexy, confidant and that I possess the ability to take on anything! Most importantly it makes me feel like a woman. “

"I want people to remember me as a fearless muse and visionary.  Someone who made a difference, made the world a better place and made everyone I met feel loved.   I want to be remembered as an iconic rebel with an open heart who inspired others from both in front of and behind the camera.”