Christine Bullock



Hermosa Beach, California



Fitness & Lifestyle Expert

TV Host &Fitness Model

Creator of Evolution 20

Super Shred & Body Re-Born Series

Co-Creator of Kayo Better Body Care

"A career in the health industry was my destiny from the first time I put on ballet slippers at 3 years old. I love learning how to get younger each day, express myself through movement, and fuel my body so I perform optimally at work and home. The best part is passing this information along to others so they can live healthy.  I never feel like I work a day in my life!" 

"Currently I am in love with the Feline Fatale Bra because I can wear it under a t-shirt, a tank top or by itself with a pair of shorts (since I live by the beach). I spice up a pair of harem pants and high tops with a bodysuit, throw on a jacket, and head to dinner." 

"When I walked into a room wearing Bao Tranchi everyone turned to stare...and didn’t stop staring all night. Be ready for the attention!" 

"Wearing Bao Tranchi makes me feel feminine, sensual, strong, confident, like the only girl in the room...because you will be getting ALL the looks! The cuts and lines of this wardrobe are designed around the most beautiful parts of a woman. Don’t be afraid to stand out and show off!"