Ali Stepka



Los Angeles, California



Research assistant evaluating

the effects of a basic income

guarantee on labor participation.


...and Model.

"Life is about making yourself and others happy. I live to help others. The balance between taking care of yourself and those in your life can be difficult to manage, but there is nothing more fulfilling than seeing your own actions have a positive impact on others. My work has meaning to me and the effects of my work and the work I aim to do will help other people.

"Owning your sexy, to me, is about being confident, knowing your worth and placing value on what you have to offer the world. True confidence, is one of the greatest gifts you can give to yourself.  It wasn't until I was older that I realized there is nothing better in life than being true to who you are.  There is no validation greater than that of self-validation, and once you begin to believe in yourself, others will come to believe in you as well." 

"I constantly find people underestimating me because I am not only a women, but a model as well.  When people underestimate you, you have the opportunity and encouragement to rise above their expectations and blow them out of the water with your true potential. "

"BAO TRANCHI represents embracing a positive womanhood.  Patriarchal societal structures have embedded a deeply woven competition that exists between women, constantly striving to tear each other down.  Bao Tranchi means rising above these urges, to not only embrace your own confident and womanly prowess, but to promote the strength and beauty of other women, working together to create a new standard for what it means to be a woman."  

"Anytime I am trying to stop a crowd, I throw on my Bao Tranchi bodysuit.  For evening wear I will pair one with a long black skirt and heels, and for day time I will throw on a blazer and some ripped up boyfriend jeans to embrace a more casual look."  

"Wearing Bao Tranchi makes me feel the sexiest any design has ever made me feel.  Like a woman who not just can, but will conquer the world, and look good doing it."